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    CCTV at A & B Taxis Offices and in Vehicles Policy


  • The Information Commissioner defines a “data controller” as the body which has legal responsibility under the Data Protection Act 1998 for all matters concerning the use of personal data. For the purpose of the operation of a CCTV system in properties belonging to or rented by A & B Taxis the “data controller” will be the designated officer of A & B Taxis and in taxis and private hire cars operating under the A & B Taxis operators licence, the “data controller” will be the designated officer of A & B Taxis under the A & B Taxis ICO registration and not the driver

    CCTV is used at the A & B Taxis Main Office and at the remote offices owned by or rented to A & B Taxis

  • A & B Taxis use a code of practice which includes a number of recommendations to ensure compliance with the following ICO requirements:
  • As with other types of personal data, every organisation that collects personal data by way of CCTV the company must have a legitimate reason for doing so.
  • In the context of the use of CCTV by A & B Taxis the purpose is to assist in the detection of crime, and to assist in ensuring the safety of the public and company staff .
  • The use of CCTV is a necessary and proportionate response to a real and pressing control of staff and public safety issues.
  • A & B Taxis follow recommendations as to privacy impact assessment to assess the location of CCTV devices and at what times.
  • The CCTV data help by A & B Taxis must be used and kept only to fulfil its purpose of property, staff and public protection.
  • A & B Taxis have a designated officer to whom all request relating to stored data must be made, all requests to view such data must be made by email to : accounts@abtaxis.co.uk
  • Requests may be made to the data controller by Authorised Officers of the Licensing Authority, the Police or other statutory law enforcement agencies, insurance companies/brokers/loss adjusters or exceptionally other appropriate bodies, to view captured images, or obtain audio recordings if applicable. The data controller, is responsible for responding to these requests. Police, Authorised Officers of the Licensing Authority or other law enforcement agencies should produce request by email or in writing on headed paper, setting out the reasons why the disclosure is required.
  • Under the Data Protection Act 1998, members of the public may also make a request for the disclosure of images, but only where they have been the subject of a recording. This is known as a ‘subject access request’. Such requests must only be accepted where they are in writing and include sufficient proofs of identity (which may include a photograph to confirm they are in fact the person in the recording).
  • Subject access requests apply equally to CCTV recordings as to any other recorded data. Individuals therefore have a right to request a copy of their personal data, which includes footage held on a CCTV system, where they are the focus of the footage and/or they are clearly identifiable. If the request is deemed to be valid and permissible this data will to be supplied within 40 days of the request being deemed valid.
  • The purpose of storing the CCTV data is to identify individuals performing criminal activity, the recordings should be of sufficient quality to do so and be easily accessible if requested by the police.
  • The CCTV equipment in the A & B Taxis office environment has the capability of retaining images within the A & B Taxis VRM virtual servers behind heavily encrypted firewalls.
  • Access to the data is restricted to those that require access to it for the purpose for which it is held.
  • It is the policy of A & B Taxis that all Images captured by the CCTV system must remain secure at all times.
  • Where it is not necessary to retain such data then it will be deleted.
  • Prominent signs are positioned at all entrances to the property in which the CCTV cameras are located to inform that visual and audio data recording will be in operation.

    CCTV may be operating in vehicles supplied by A & B Taxis

  • Vehicles fitted with CCTV equipment will display adequate signage to inform the driver and passengers that data recording will be in operation.
  • For the purposes of this policy, a CCTV system will include any electronic recording device attached to the inside of a taxi or private hire car having the technical capability to capture and retain visual images from inside or external to the vehicle.
  • CCTV equipment operating in vehicles supplied by A & B Taxis must not interfere with any other safety, control, electrical, computer, navigation, satellite, or radio system in the vehicle.
  • The purpose of the CCTV system in the A & B Taxis vehicle is to provide a safer environment for the the Taxi/PHV driver and passengers
  • Deterring and preventing the occurrence of crime
  • Reducing the fear of crime
  • Assisting the Police in investigating incidents of crime
  • Assisting insurance companies in investigating motor vehicle accidents
  • The vehicles are fitted with forward facing cameras for driver monitoring and accident verification. Seat facing cameras inside the vehicles are used for driver and public protection.
  • The CCTV equipment selected for installation must have the capability of retaining images either within its own hard drive, by using a fully secured and appropriately encrypted detachable mass storage device, for example, a compact flash solid state card.
  • Camera footage and any data stored on the cameras can only be viewed by the A & B Taxis designated officer.

  • A & B Taxis follow all guidelines set down in the government code of practice details of which can be found at : Government guidelines
  • A & B Taxis are a registered body with the ICO and are compliant with guidelines set down by the ICO, details of which can be found at : ICO cctv guidelines
  • A & B Taxis follow all guidelines set down in the government cctv data protection practices which can be found at : Governmental Data protection guidelines

  • Government guidelines give you the right to access information held about you. Your right of access can be exercised in accordance with government guidelines Any access request may be subject to a fee of £10 to meet our costs in providing you with details of the information we hold about you.
  • The A & B Taxis designated officer will make all decisions as to if the request is deemed to be valid and permissible and as to the availability of requested data.

  • Any changes we may make to our CCtv policy in the future will be posted on this page.